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Ose Akhile

Ose was born and raised in Oakland California. He graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BS in Exercise and Sports Science. Ose has been a certified professional trainer for over ten years.

In 2008, Ose suffered a lumbar spine injured that temporarily halted his collegiate basketball career. This injury, and his positive physical therapy experience, fueled his passion for training and helping others to get their bodies moving the way they need to. Throughout Ose’s career he has trained clients with many different needs and goals. He has experience with individuals aged 15-75. Ose specializes in creating simple but effective low risk high reward programs designed to fit the needs of each client. Prior to SHF, Ose was a fitness manager at Equinox. His favorite quote is “When you think you’re working hard, it’s time to work harder.

Professional Skills

Fitness 85%
85% Complete
Spots 95%
95% Complete
Body combat 50%
50% Complete

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