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Nick first started in combat sports at the age of nine where he partook in Tae Kwon Do for five years reaching as high as a 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Later in life, Nick reached 275 pounds. In 2012, he decided he needed to make a drastic change and started his fitness journey where four months later he lost 60 pounds. Nick added weight lifting, outdoor hiking/running, interval training, and meal prepping to his regimen. 3 years later Nick reached his fitness goal by losing 100 pounds.

After his transformation, Nick started taking boxing classes at Trifit Club & Studio, and later at Hall of Fame boxer, Terry Norris’ gym, World Champion Boxing. Nick now wants to use a combination of athletic boxing training as a vehicle to help people reach their fitness goals one pound at a time.

Professional Skills

Fitness 85%
85% Complete
Body combat 80%
80% Complete
Body attack 50%
50% Complete

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