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Emoni Arnaud

Emoni was born in Los Angeles and raised in Atlanta. She moved back to LA after high school and pursued a degree from Cal State Long Beach, where she graduated with a degree in business management. Emoni is a ISSA certified personal trainer.

At the tender age of five Emoni began playing multiple sports including tennis, soccer, ballet, gymnastics, and swimming. Once she got to college, her weight started to fluctuate massively. Emoni decided to get a membership at a local gym and change her diet. She watched her body transform. This kickstarted her journey as a personal trainer.
Emoni’s goal is to help others discover the benefits and importance of training. She is ready to guide her clients through every step of the process.

Professional Skills

Fitness 85%
85% Complete
Yoga 75%
75% Complete
Pilates 80%
80% Complete
Body combat 50%
50% Complete
Body attack 35%
35% Complete

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